Saturday Program Guide

12:00AMJay Sekulow LiveJay Sekulow
1:00AMNational Crawford Roundtable
1:30AM"Best of" Programming
2:00AMThe David Spoon ExperienceDavid Spoon
3:00AMThe Endtime Show
4:00AMThe Narrow PathSteve Gregg
4:55AMThe StandDonald B. Crawford
5:00AMLiving God MinistriesAaron Budjen
5:30AM"Best of" Programming
6:00AMIn TouchDr. Charles Stanley
6:30AM"Best of" Programming
7:00AMLove Worth FindingAdrian Rogers
7:25AMThe StandDonald B. Crawford
7:30AMFamily TalkDr. James Dobson
8:00AM2 Lights Media
8:30AMNational Crawford Roundtable
9:00AMTelling the TruthJill and Stuart Briscoe
9:30AMLeading the Way (Dual-Language)Dr. Michael Youssef
10:00AMKnow Your Legal Rights
Michael Cohen
10:30AMBetter Health Dr. Louis Coates
11:00AMFateOrFaith.comBart Masiero
11:30AMJesus is Our ShepherdRaymond McMahon
12:00PMJay Sekulow LiveJay Sekulow
1:00PMThe David Spoon ExperienceDavid Spoon
2:00PMClassic ChristianityBob George
2:30PMVim & Vigor ShowVim & Vigor
3:00PMLiving God MinistriesAaron Budjen
3:30PM"Best of" Programming
4:00PM"Best of" Programming
4:30PMDiscovering the Jewish JesusRabbi Kirt Schneider
5:00PM"Best of" Programming
6:00PM"Best of" Programming
7:00PMLiving God MinistriesAaron Budjen
7:25PMThe StandDonald B. Crawford
7:30PMFamily TalkDr. James Dobson
8:00PM"Best of" Programming
8:30PMLeading the WayDr. Michael Youssef
9:00PMTelling the TruthJill and Stuart Briscoe
9:30PMReal Life RadioJack Hibbs
10:00PM"Best of" Programming
11:00PMThe Narrow PathSteve Gregg